Insist on original design
AMD TU was established on 2009,over 10 years development,we have become a leading lighting&bulbs manufacturer in Guangdong Province,design and produce the decorative lighting bulbs with EU,USA standare,product widely used in hotel,restaurant,cafe house etc. indoor and outoor cpplication.
We believe EVERYONE NEED A LIGHT BULB,find at AMDTU lighting store,you will find all what you want.
Design director: Alwin Wu
Designer: Elly Xu
Designer: Lisa Ou
We focus on original design only,keep bringing customers new nice design always, the design is the only power of us
New Modern Light
It is very difficult to make circle glass in traditional ways, we design this light bulbs and finished with our engineer,blow the glass carefully and finish it successfully
Vintage with classic pattern
The patter is laser on the glass bulbs, which makes the flower transparent when light on ,and beautiful when light off